These simple considerations will help you get more out of your investments.

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I have been following reporting about the changes that have happened in the real estate investment property market.

Partially I do that anyway, pandemic or not because I constantly work on growing my residential real estate portfolio to work towards my economic independence goal I call the Time Freedom Point…

How to build a new and different work-life together

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I want to help anybody who wants to create a passive income portfolio to become part of this revolution. Finally, employees are demanding what people in Europe have taken for granted for the last 60 years.

Did you know that European employees have 30 days vacation/year — that’s 30 weekdays…

Don’t Believe a Statistic you Didn’t Manipulate Yourself

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Early in each new month, the labor department publishes the numbers for unemployment from the previous month. They have always done that and those who were dependent on it paid attention, but now we all need to. Here is why:

It will impact how you can use your money and…

How to be in charge and make your money work multiple jobs for you

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I recently had a great interview for our podcast, The Ideal Investor Show, and the conversation turned towards what we learned about money when we grew up.

Here is a list of the things most of you probably recall or practice right now:

  • Put money in the bank and save

Are you ready to invest for the long haul?

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We live in a time where we are raised to look for things that indicate a win and provide a pretty quick result.

You take a test in school, you get the result a few days later, sometimes even the same day and you advance if you collect more of…

Does freedom prevail in starting small businesses with less than 50 employees?

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Everybody has in some way or another heard about the recent announcement by president Biden that the US government now mandates vaccination for COVID 19. In the official announcement, it was described as asking companies with more than 100 employees to require: Either vaccination or weekly testing while government employees…

Labor shortages today will get worse tomorrow — Is Tesla Bot one of the solutions?

Teslabot by Tesla from Techcrunch

Since 1971 we have not had enough birth to replace the population. As long as less than 2.1 babies are born in each family, we will decline in the overall population.

Generally, we count generations in about 25-year intervals, so we know what happened in the last 50 years and…

A new way to service the growing number of retirees and reach your Time Freedom Point faster

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If you have been following my work in the Ideal Wealth Grower publication, our website, YouTube Channel, Podcast interviews, mindset manual, Bigger Pockets posts, you will have seen that I have been preaching investing in single-family homes for years now.

Because I live in an expensive and underperforming area of…

How work, employment, and time change post-pandemic

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These days we read and hear about a reemerging economy, increased demand, a return to some sort of normalcy, shortages of wood, computer chips, changes in employment — change all over.

The biggest change we all experienced came from the outside — the pandemic. The things we were used to…

Employers need to stop looking at $$$ and become attractive to the labor force

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I have been a small business owner since 2005. When people talk about how hard it is to generate steady income as a business owner, they are right to say it’s hard.

We all learned that millions of people lost their jobs during the pandemic and the government provided financial…

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