These simple considerations will help you get more out of your investments.

I have been following reporting about the changes that have happened in the real estate investment property market.

Partially I do that anyway, pandemic or not because I constantly work on growing my residential real estate portfolio to work towards my economic independence goal I call the Time Freedom Point. It’s the point where I don’t need to exchange time for money anymore and do what I love. Some will be exactly the same as now and a few things will be what I haven’t been able to do without money.

I also follow this so I am up to…

The Danger of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)

Have you had a situation where you thought you knew something and it turns out what you believed all your life is not really true?

If you come to that realization for something that might be important to you but has not really had a huge impact on your livelihood, you might say: “wow, I never knew that” — and then move on with your life.

What happens if such a revelation actually affects your livelihood — or soon could?

Something like that recently happened to me — and, and I thought I was a good boy.

Let’s start at…

The global happiness index is fake

I am always interested to see and learn what other folks in the real estate investing community have to say and what they share.

One of these folks I respect a lot is Keith Weinhold. One thing I learned from him and apply to our own newsletter is the feature where he gives links to some interesting articles that have come out recently.

In the last newsletter, he posted a link to the Global Happiness index 2021.

I looked at the articles and the more I looked at them the angrier I got. Take a look:

Re-evaluating generational divisions and what that means for the future

Have you ever been in a situation where you ran through life, read things, reviewed things, heard stories, etc., and always associated yourself with a certain group. Then with the study of a topic, you realize that the association could be slightly off, putting you in a different group and therefore having a totally different impact long term.

Take a look at the graphic below and see the probably pretty familiar delineation of the generations currently living in the western world.

Potential Employees' motivations for working have changed

We all have been exposed to a lot of change in the last 2 years.

Now that things are opening up, allowing companies to loosen some of the restrictions together with the government, we will all become part of creating a “New Normal”

What we already see are headlines about:

Have we learned to be prepared for what’s ahead?

I have recently been following a few YouTube channels where families are developing their own homestead and creating their version of freedom.

In one case, a family had built a large barn-like structure and the video showed one of their friends coming by and asking: “What’s in the garage”.

The owners answered: “Oh no, we don’t have the RV anymore, we build a tiny house into the barn so we have a place to live until the main house is completed.”

That question — ‘what’s in the garage’ triggered a memory for me from the time when my wife and…

What to do with all this Value?

A friend and I recently discussed what we have been doing with our money, basically how we have invested in the last few years.

It turned out that he and I had done very similar things, except that he also has some partnerships in software companies because he went to school and learned how to develop software.

While we were talking about the investments and how they performed, he asked me:

Hey, the houses you and I invested in are increasing in value much more than I had anticipated. That’s really cool but the value they have gained is pretty…

Inflation favors those who already own assets

In the last two years, it has been tough to be a landlord. I know that some people especially if you have been a tenant most of your life might wonder why it could be important to you. Do you really need to be concerned about landlords?

The image of landlords is notoriously bad, mainly because only the bad stories and the mistreatment of tenants get reported in the media. You never read or hear anything about the millions of tenants who live in their apartments or houses and are happy with the rent, the property, the locations, etc. …

No more seats for interested investors?

A few days ago a friend from Germany who had seen what we do with our Out of State Turnkey Single Family Residential (OOS TK SFR) investment strategy contacted me with a WhatsApp message asking:

“Is it already too late?”

He added these two pictures:

Will real estate prices keep increasing?

The phrase is commonly attributed to John F Kennedy,[1] who used it in a 1963 speech to combat criticisms that a dam project he was inaugurating was a pork-barrel project.[2][3] However, in his memoir Counselor: A Life At The Edge Of History, Kennedy’s speechwriter Ted Sorensen revealed that the phrase was not one of his or the then President’s own fashioning. It was in Sorensen’s first year working for him, during Kennedy’s tenure in the Senate, when Sorensen was trying to tackle economic problems in New England, that he happened upon the phrase. He wrote that he noticed that “the…

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