Cool article Daniel

I had the same situation. In my case my own investing approach and people asking me regularly how I was doing it slapped me one day to realize that I need to educate people about it.

Starting June 1st I am in a cohort to learn how to build an online course. So far I am publishing on Medium, have started a YouTube channel, created an ebook, and offer to mentor people. My system is called the IDeal Wealth grower.

I saw that you included AirBNB in your task sheet. I can suggest a safer approach that gets you to the economic and financial independence you seek.

Maybe in a few years, you only orchestrate the company yu started ad spend most of your time with other stuff, never having to worry where the money comes from. If you apply the proceed you make now tp develop a never-ending passive income stream you will be set for life.

That’s what excites me every day. Helping people to get and succeed on that journey.

Thanks for the article and showing that change towards a life without an exchange of time for money is possible.

I created the Ideal Wealth Grower system. I mentor people to reach economic independence . Let’s have a call or visit us at

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