I agree with the description of the developments to this point. At the same time I do not think Americans want true change. If they did they would have long started a third party.

When I was young we used to call people who live generation after generation on an island and secluded from the rest of the world : "Island Crazies"

That's what's been happening in America. Immigration has been reduced to more and more, to almost nothing and those who come are no longer interested to develop new approaches. Just 20 years ago the immigrants started companies that are household names around the globe. Now we don't want them anymore, don't want to allow them to have spouses live with them while studying and make it harder and harder to get visas. The pandemic has turned the country into a cesspool that nobody wants to be in anymore.

Most Americans' never spend any significant time (more than 3 months) in another country. They believe what the media tells them about their superiority. When you don't know how bad things really are and how your system keeps falling back further and further you don't believe that there are other options than keep on fighting in hopes that somehow magically things change. Any realist would say: Choosing between a 74 year old fashist and a 78 year old traditionalist is accelerating the downward trajectory. Instead progressives are called Socialists by people who have no clue what that term even means.

All signs of an ever poorer country. It's actually sad and tragic.

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