I have a car mainly because I am looking for an experience. That’s why I drive BMW convertibles. These costs about $50K — $60k new. I have my second one now and bought it 18 months old with more than usual miles for $25K including an extended warranty till 100000 miles. The steep loss in these kinds of cars is in the first two years. My last BMW convertible lasted for 222000 miles. The one I have now could get there too. It’s now2 1/2 years old with 50000 miles. I would have had to buy a Camry or smaller at a great deal to come close. The experience I get from a sports car with more miles but not more age is what is really important to me. To get it, figuring out where the sweet spot for pricing is was most important.

I created the Ideal Wealth Grower system. I mentor people to reach economic independence . Let’s have a call or visit us at www.IdealWealthGrower.com

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