I like to dream of a time in the near future where the reporting of numbers without context will stop. Especially in the stock market I can see recently that the numbers for indexes have no value anymore. When looking at the last 6 months or even 12 months, nobody can make any rime or reason out of the movements. The media doesn't even try anymore. They just speculate and if you look into the TV shows, almost every interview with guests or discussion among panels asks: “What do you make of what this index, this value, this level”? They might as well ask: “give me your unfounded speculation for what we see and how crazy the future could look like”. You can get an answer from a proclaimed expert for any development, movement in index number or pretty much any other development in stock markets. That’s why I developed the Ideal Wealth Grower system. It is so simple it probably surprises most stock investors. Basically I show people how to safely buy 1–3 single-family homes per year in well-performing markets and then lean back and collect passive income. My clients and I with portfolios of about 10 properties collect well above $5000/month and can only smile about the craziness in stock markets and the panic that is happening at an ever more increased frequency

I created the Ideal Wealth Grower system. I mentor people to reach economic independence . Let’s have a call or visit us at www.IdealWealthGrower.com

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