Interesting article. As I am reading and writing on medium I am discovering how easy it is to pick a certain point and use it to create an argument around it. For me control of my investments and the performance compared to other investments in the exact same space appear to be missing.

I help millennials and others in the age range between about 30 — late 50’s to invest in well-performing,ing residential real estate using leverage as you indicated to develop a passive income portfolio that allows them to be economically independent.

In any stock market, the investor has no control. If you look at the last 20 years we have gone through three major crises and the onset each time was so massive and fast that small investors had no chance to plan, react and salvage previous gains. In each of these crises and all the times in between the real estate investors, I work with including myself just kept collecting passive income, enjoy massive tax breaks and select more and more properties in reasonably regulated markets that perform well.

I am economically independent now while all my friends who started with me 20 years ago still got o work and hope they will have retirement money and not face another crash before their career is over. To me, there is nothing overrated about it. it delivered as predicted with me (and my fellow IWG community members)in control

I created the Ideal Wealth Grower system. I mentor people to reach economic independence . Let’s have a call or visit us at

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