K, I hear you and I remember the times when I was young and naive. Seems like we have both aged but not lost the willingness to observe and comment.

Your point about the duopoly is well taken ad a very bad thing for America, especially now that the inequality has gotten to a level that the two poles are reinforcing each other.

To me the biggest issue in the US system is the senate. I believe it si good to have congress and the senate. In Germany where I come from we have a similar system of two law-making houses and it works well and keeps a good balance. That’s because each house represents the people and their votes properly.

Tne US system has been doomed from the start by making each state having 2 senatorial representatives. That was fine when there were a few similar small states on the East Coast. Now it is devastating and distorts the system more (in my opinion) on a daily basis than the EC every 4 years.

I live in California and our 40 million people have 2 senators, the same as the less than 1 million people in Wyoming. The increasingly fascist tendencies becoming more and more visible and tangible in the us can blossom because there is no true representation of the will of the public.

As Umair keeps writing, a system full of cancer like the US system since Ronald Reagan, who caused the cancer, will not recover anymore.

I personally think the loss of the status for the Dollar as a reserve currency will relegate the US to a place similar to Italy or Great Britain today.

There were so many opportunities to reform and advance and adjust but the bad EC, the misrepresentation of the will of the people, and the increasing fascism are a deadly cocktail.

I know I can’t change it. That’s why I am moving to Spain in Q4/2021.

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