Nice article. In the world after the pandemic and with more and more companies recognizing that work from home is a productive way for a lot of the knowledge work we do these days, all this policy will achieve is for Facebook to recognize that they can’t compete with all the other companies who look for similar talent and are willing to give suitable employees part of the benefit they receive. The employee will provide the desk and possibly other equipment as well as an internet connection to do the work. I am sure more and more properties in real estate will soon be advertised as 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 office with all the connections, and professionally needed benefits installed.

For the last few years I have been wondering why I always feel like Facebook is an old fashioned company. I guess this is another example that the decisionmakers and advisers to leadership are old fashioned. Mark Zuckerberg and others representing the company are just regurgitating what they have been told.

Members have been fleeing their platform in droves, business people are on Linkedin and other more professional platforms where the dirt and ugliness that Facebook allows based on bizarre explanations don’t exist. Now they install policies that make every other employer with need for similar talent more attractive.

Finally, the isolationism and nationalism we are expressing to the world make the potential clients in non-US locations think twice to be on a US-based platform. I predict this will soon become another one of those stories that being with “The rise and fall of Facebook — a company that led a trend and screwed it up.”

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