So you have been president and calm voters have elected you — twice. You literally represent the community that has been suppressed and mistreated for at least 300 years.

You again give advice on what to do — the same you gave before you became president. You asked people to have hope and believe in change. They elected you for that hope and believe in change. what they received was the same as all other politicians before you. Empty promises.

Now you are asking them again to believe, and hope, and peacefully request change when one of their own didn’t do it when occupying the highest office.

Are you ever going to stand up in writing and in person and declare your guilt for what has been happening since 2008? Never before has an African-American man had a better chance to change the places and institutions you describe as holding responsibility at the top?

How many more generations need to suffer and read that it is now somehow their turn to peacefully hope and request change.

I am disappointed with how little you did when you were in charge and how little you actually do now. I wish you wouldn't ask others to take peaceful action. How about you — finally?

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