Thanks for letting me know that I touched someone, Onceago.

Congratulations on your journey. You might think that it is still in the very early stages and it probably is. Still, there are platforms filled with people who have been working their typing fingers into analysis paralysis and never took a step or action. You did twice with the investment in Fundraise and the renovation of the tiny house.

I would not be surprised if that renovation provides you a source fo pride, belonging and home. It’s not a place anymore at some point when you have made it into what it is with your own hands.

Suggestion #1

For your current home, I like to encourage you to keep going and perfecting it. There are great shows on TV and YouTube giving you ideas on how you can use the space as effectively as possible.

Suggestion #2

Discuss with your parents if they can imagine at some point in the future that the tiny house you will have created could be used as an Airbnb? You want to ask now when everything is theoretical. It’s better to have permission when you don’t need it than needing to ask when you are desperate. It might seem crazy right now but depending where you are and how your life and the economy in your region develop in the next few years, the work you are doing due to circumstance can be your first business venture (partial income share with your parents) when things improve economically. With the energy you feel, time permitting, educate yourself about vacation rentals. I am looking for a resource I have to provide to you. Maybe it is worth for you to contact me directly (email/Phone). You can find the Ideal Wealth Grower website and social media online.

Suggestion #3

Download my free mindset manual at this URL:

It will help you think about your goals. Hawaii is tricky as an investment location so you would be a perfect candidate for the IWG system as we invest in well-performing residential real estate out of state. Maybe you start with studying and if you like, I am happy to help you further

I created the Ideal Wealth Grower system. I mentor people to reach economic independence . Let’s have a call or visit us at

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