Thanks for putting your experience in this story. I was recently tempted to do the same and ultimately decided not to. Your account was dormant. In my story my account was active and I used the services of GoDaddy all the time. I started a new project recently and decided to go to my trusted provider to see if the domain name I dreamed up would be available. The website showed it to be and said it would cost 99 cents for the first year. I put a 3-year option into the shopping cart. When I went to check out the price was suddenly more than $50. I reviewed my choices and noticed that there was no sign of the 99 cents. I went onto support chat and asked for their reasoning just to be told that the 99 cents were only for new customers. That wasn’t indicated anywhere on the site. More importantly, for me, it felt like I was being punished for being a customer for more than a decade. Now I have the domain I was looking for at What made me smile about it was that I got it for 98 cents. In the next few months the other domains, hosting services, email serving, etc. are being moved out of GoDaddy and my account closed. I used to pay about $250/year for everything I had with them. I hope they got a few new customers from their scheme. Otherwise, it’s about the dumbest way to anger who you have to lure someone new. Sometimes I wonder if these companies ever learn how modern business and modern customers perceive these shenanigans. Good luck with your future rentals. I am a very frequent Uber and Lyft customer and have been very happy with them

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