That last sentence is very true. The reason is that the idiots always cause the most carnage and that is what's ending up in the history books. The good things the non-idiots might do when in power ends up being side notes. The wars that were fought, the weapons that were used, the time it took, the number of people that died, all that's what gets into the history books. Any facts of social justice, ability to have food, be healthy, take care of the environment is left out of forgotten. Part of that DNA you mention include the lust for sensationalism. Mundane things that improve life don't belong into history nooks. So you are right, the idiots will ultimate start fighting everybody different than them and in lower standing, and then each other and then we will have another record to add to the history books, similar to all the ones already there - maybe with a footnote saying: "oops, they did it again".

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