Umair, the one additional aspect of this GOP behavior, similar to that of most politicians of either party, is the fact that there are no consequences of their actions. They can vote against everything and get reelected. They can storm the capital and get reelected. They can gerrymander districts and change voting rules in their favor and get reelected.

Because the American public has been conditioned to always ask: "What did I get out of this fight?" the Dems will only have short periods of interruption. IN 2022 we will be back to split government and probably in 2024 those who fight harder will be in power again.

to illustrate how this applies on both parties, the current administration, in a loony idea, wants Iran to first make concessions for America to return to a negotiating table we left by braking a treaty we signed. Not only that, we broke it and implemented sanctions on those who kept it.

If anybody were put in that position in any contract situation, nobody would even consider listening. Only the righteous Americans believe they have the right to act and behave this way. The rest of the world is turning away more and more often in disgust.

This is the approach both in foreign as well as domestic politics now.

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