Yes, that could be. My vehicle is a BMW 430i convertible with the M-sport package that retails at about $56K. I bout it with 40000 miles and 18 months old at $24K. I put on the extended warranty to 100000 miles to be sure anything that could break is covered. My philosophy is: if it didn’t break the first 100K miles it probably won’t. Naturally that does not apply for consumables.

I am pretty sure the drop in price for luxury cars is substantially more severe in the first 2 years. If you run a comparison for buying new and drive for 2–3 years versus buying used at 2–3 years old, it would be pretty shocking.

Due to the fact that I drive my cars for long times, i.e. 10–12 years, my low mileage use equalizes the higher mileage at purchase so I can often get down to an average cost (without consumable) per year of about $1000.

No financing, leasing or other programs can compete with that, at least I haven’t found it, especially when considering that I am driving around in my dream care :)

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